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The Property Addict – Lean, green, luxury living: The Burcham is sustainable living of the future.

By October 19, 2016November 2nd, 2016News

The word ‘sustainable’ has become a major buzzword of the last few years.

In everything from food production to fashion, media and advertising have truly made green the new black. Sadly, it’s a term that has been diluted so much by commercial overuse, it’s almost lost it’s meaning.

But every now and then a commercial concept hits the market that is so innovative, so progressive, and so genuinely sustainable; we once again understand what the word means. The Burcham development in Sydney’s Rosebery is one of these concepts.

Sustainable living is an approach that strives for as little impact on the planet as possible. So how on earth can a $110 million dollar apartment complex possibly commit to being environmentally friendly? By being clever. The Burcham Rosebery is leading the way in Australian residential developments with it’s world-class solar energy system, electric car charging garage, and host of other ‘green’ features that, in years to come, will be demanded as basic features for a home.

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