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November 2015

The Real Estate Conversation – The Burcham: outdoor living for an urban environment

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With a rooftop terrace, open-air cinema, communal vege garden, sunken firepits, and quiet lawns, there’s plenty to enjoy outdoors at The Burcham.

The Burcham apartment development in Rosebery is centered around the conversion of a 1918-built, former chewing-gum factory. The developer, Stable Group, has respectfully preserved the heritage of the site, while also delivering the very finest contemporary, urban lifestyle.

Durie Design has skillfully plotted the landscapes to blend with the site’s heritage, but also to deliver a careful mix of communal and entertaining spaces, with private gardens for quieter times.

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The Burcham in Rosebery is a planned luxury residential development that’s equal parts challenging convention, and recalling the past.

Serving as a redevelopment of Rosebery’s 1918 Wrigley’s Gum factory, The Burcham has a cutting edge environmental design courtesy of architects Allen Jack+Cottier and the Stable Group, and is named in honour of the original 1918 factory’s architect, John Burcham Clamp.

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The Real Estate Conversation – Industrial character sets The Burcham apart

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The Burcham celebrates its industrial heritage with design excellence.

The Burcham embodies old-world charm with new world innovation. The project challenges conventions with its environmental approach and cutting edge design.
Regeneration of the former Wrigley chewing gum factory in Rosebery lies at the heart of The Burcham. An outstanding piece of Chicago-esque architecture, the former factory was built in 1918 from steel-reinforced concrete.

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