The MP Report – Construction begins on Rosebery’s “The Burcham”

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In Rosebery, Stable Properties have just commenced construction on “The Burcham”, a project with a gross value of $110 million, having achieved 70% off the plan presales.

“We are very selective with where we build and saw such a great opportunity with the adaptive reuse of the former Wrigley’s site for The Burcham.” notes Ed Horton, Principal of Stable Properties.

“Roseberry has such great quality amenity with incredibly vibrant and eclectic food offerings, so the location was one aspect, combine that with the smart technology we have integrated into the building and it really is a world class offering. We are very excited about the development as its the first of its kind.”

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The Property Addict – Sydney’s newfound passion for heritage, and why we can’t get enough

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In early 2016, it came to light that the iconic Sirius building in Sydney’s historical area of The Rocks was set for demolition. Residents and construction workers alike were up in arms, protesting the decision with passion.

Sure, it was a low-budget housing complex built in the early 80’s; squat, strange, brutalist, even described by many as downright ugly. And yet, Sirius was also part of the fabric of the Sydney skyline, one that it seemed almost unimaginable to get rid of.

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The Property Addict – pushing the envelope in ‘smart home’ technology.

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The modern world is obsessed with becoming smarter.

From smartphones to smart cars, nothing is safe from our 21st century creed of faster, better, stronger, smarter. And the next focus from the rapidly changing world of technology is right in front of you: the home.

‘Smart home’ is the buzzword of the tech world right now. Amazing advances in technology have reinvented how we view everything from energy management and home security, to creature comforts like temperature and entertainment. So, what can we expect in the innovative and intuitive home of the future?

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The Property Addict – David Bromley commissioned to create artworks exclusively for The Burcham

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Stable Group, developers of The Burcham, Rosebery’s newest luxury redevelopment of the Wrigley’s Gum factory (circa 1918), has just announced it has commissioned renowned Australian artist, David Bromley to create three original paintings and limited edition prints, exclusively known as “The Burcham” series.

The commission pays homage to the industrial heritage of the Wrigley’s building. Finding inspiration in the Chicago-esque architectural style of the architect John Burcham Clamp, Bromley will interpret the rich history of the building in the three beautiful and unique artworks. In an innovative move, buyers of the new apartments will have the opportunity to purchase a limited edition framed and signed print for their own Burcham home.

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